Keep the good memories in touch

I feel like writing so yeah, here are some good memories.
This picture is from last summer. I was on a cooking camp with a friend, Charlotte  and we had a lot of fun! We were supposed to make chocolat pasta, but as you can see we were eating it haha.
This photo was taken on the last day of summer holiday! We kept a “back to school day” haha. We did things like nothing and nothing haha, we just talked and enjoyed the sun on that last day of summer.

Oke, haha I think I’m only going to upload pictures of last summer! This one is with my niece, Manon.
She’s 3 years younger, but though she’s a real good friend and we have ALWAYS fun.

Yesss, those little streets in Italy. No words, just love.

That’s it for the moment I think.
Tomorrow I have a difficult test about energy and shizzles like that and friday I have one from maths and biology.
I’m not kidding, the teachers want to kill me!
This weekend will be busy too. Saturday I’m going to Brussels with the scouts for a reaction game. We have to wear weird outfits and make-up to make random people scared and just yeah we’re going to do weird haha.
Sunday is the photo competition Kunstbende! I hope I make a chance but I don’t think so.
This is the picture I sent in;

Just kidding haha, this is the real one;

So, I hope you guys liked this post. It’s kinda new I think.
Pleas comment so I can make my blog better!

Love you all,


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