the lollipop fight thing

Today I’ve decided to publish more personal posts and writhing posts. I really like photography, but I don’t always have time and it would be a pity posting so rarely! So just comment if you like the idea or not or tell my your ideas.


This made ​​me feel weird today:
There’s this secret-friend-thing at school this week (you have to coddle a classmate during a week) and I received some candy (yay!).
But Daan took a lollipop of mine and the battle begun. So yup, I was fighting (read: trying to bite him and stuff) in class (between two lessons) with Daan trying to save my lollipop! Then David was behind me during the fight and Daan pushed me so I was on Davids feet with my heels (auwtch and sorry again :p). David ruined my hair, Daan tore my stockings, but after all I have my lollipop!!



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