Well hello April!

Omg can you actually believe the fact that March is already over? It goes so freaking fast! Not that I mind, but though (:
Since I decided to do more writing post and so, I wanted to do a little preview for what I want to do next month and here it is!

In March I have …

  • made a weheartit-account (follow me!)
  • Okay, I can’t remember what I have done, made and so on haha so I promise that in my next post for a new month I will remember those things!

In April I’m going to …

  • take more outfit pictures ( but not in the beginning because read on)
  • ski in Kronplatz (Italy) during the first week of easter holidays
  • have an interview for a job! It’s not sure that I get it, maybe they think I’m too young, but at least I can try!
  • abduct some friends for a photo adventure
  • make a video because I dreamt about something and I really have the feeling I should make a film about it (this may sound freaky but I think the result is will be quite cool)!
  • look every week for a new quote ( look at your right)
  • twitter more! I used to tweet like every minute but I don’t know why I don’t anymore..

Have a great month!



All the pictures are from weheartit.com

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