In May every bird lays an egg

Okay, it sounds better in Dutch because it rhymes!


I love making these overviews and looking back to last month which is in this case April.

So in April I have:

  • been on holiday with my class and till now it was the most awesome week of my life!
  • got new lenses for my eyes, I have -4.00 right now (I almost start believing I’m becoming blind!).
  • ate waaaaaay to much candy, sugar, I ate way to unhealthy!
  • learned to drink coffee (but I must admit that I added  much milk)
  • not made that movie I was talking about.

Tumblr_liyla6tvt11qb8xspo1_500_largeIn May I will:

  • eat more healthy!
  • make a inspiration book with lots of pictures and quotes.
  • try to post every two days.
  • comment more on other blogs because I know how much I like comments *hint*
  • go to Antwerp with school and I’ll take my Nikon with me (normally I take a little camera because I’m so scared there will happen something to my Nikon, but I’ll be careful and the pictures will be better quality!)

And here are some pictures you haven’t seen yet:


So that’s it I guess!
I wish you a great month with muuuuch sun.

XOXO Marie





4 gedachten over “In May every bird lays an egg

  1. Die goede voornemens toch… Ik heb er al zoveel maar elke keer als ik eraan wil beginnen denk ik ‘Een ander keertje misschien…’ Oh, Leuke site :)

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