If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance

Well hello June!

You’re here quite fast, aren’t you?
I have the same thought every month: is it already …?
It’s unbelievable how fast it goes and I realize it more since I started making this kind of posts.
I guess that’s a good thing!

As usual I sum up the special thing I’ve done the past month (May) and the goals I’ve reached.

  • I actually ate more healthy! I drunk way less soda then other months so yay for me.
  • I made an inspiration book, but it isn’t finished yet. I’ll show you in a blog post once!
  • I commented more on other blogs than usual and the comments I gave weren’t superficial (at least I think they weren’t!)
  • I went to Antwerp and I took my Nikon without breaking it. Click here for the post!


In June I will:

  • study really hard for my exams (which start 14/06 and end 24/06)
  • do nothing than studying because I absolutaly want to pass this year (logical, right?)
  • swim in our very own swimming pool because the works are almost finished!
  • will won’t post a lot (I think) because of my exams
  • go to the seaside for 2 days to celebrate my best friend’s sweet 16
  • (at least I hope I will) finish my 4th grade in high school

Music I listened to:


  • Far from never – The pretty reckless
  • All this dancing around – Triggerfinger
  • Instant Flowers – Roadburg
  • E.T. – Katy Perry
  • Judas – Lady Gaga
  • Misguided Ghosts – Paramore

Never shown pictures of this month:

Okay, it seems like I showed you all the pictures already and I dindn’t take a lot of pictures.

I really hope I’ll pass my exams and that you guys understand that I won’t be able to make big photography posts and so on.

Big hug and a happy June,



Ps: if you haven’t yet, please fill this in!


5 gedachten over “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance

  1. Inderdaad, is het al juni? Mijn tweede jaar univ zit er al weer bijna op, alleen die verdomde examens nog! Ik ben al bezig en ik eindig ook pas 23 juni. Wat je altijd kan doen is van tevoren posts maken wanneer je wel tijd hebt. Dan kan je die gewoon snel even posten als je geen tijd hebt :). Wel een leuke post! Moet ik misschien ook eens doen, maand per maand kijken wat er goed ging en wat niet.

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