Today a personal and a random blog post.

As you guys probably have noticed already, there’s something new/different on my blog: yes I have a new letter type!
I’m not sure if I like it yet, but you should definitely let me know your opinion. You can be totally honest, that’s no problem as long as you keep it polite.

Yesterday was my last day of school in the 4th grade and it feels really weird.
We ate ice cream during the very last lesson and we took some class pictures and we played with the cards and it was fun. I’m going to miss each one of them.
If I’m allowed I am going to follow economics with modern languages in the 5th grade. But that’s for next year!

There’s no school on Monday, but that doesn’t mean that I can do whatever I want because Tuesday I have my first exam: Maths.
It isn’t much but though I have to study really hard because maths isn’t my best thing you know.
The exams are finished on the 24th and I can’t wait till that date!




Een gedachte over “Personal

  1. Veel succes met je examens! Ik heb Economie Wiskunde gedaan in het middelbaar en dat is zeker een aanrader (talen ook). Iedereen moet toch wel een kleine basis economie gehad hebben vind ik. Komt erg goed van pas.

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