I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at once

wearing a long dress (forgot where I got it from but it’s from last year), unknown neckless used as hairband, earings from a market, bracelets from Action/Selfmade/Italy, vintage bag

It’s been a little time, but since the ending of the exams, my live has been so busy!
The afternoon after my last exam, I went to the city with some friends and we went out and it was really fun. My best friend slept at my place and the next day was her birthday-sleepover. And thàt was awesome.
Monday was a really hot day and I’ve been swimming all day and in the evening I went working at the Kinepolis, a cinema.
2 friends came over to swim Thuesday and I went sleeping by one of them, awesome!

As you can read, I am enjoying my first days of my holiday to the fullest.
This afternoon I have to go to school for my grades and I am really nervous! I think that I will pass because they haven’t call me yesterday, but you never know ..
Tomorrow there’s a little drink for lots of people for my best friends sweet sixteen and Friday I’m going to Rock Werchter! I can’t wait!

Do you already know your grades?






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