Tag: Sunshine Award

Hi guys!

I’ve been tagged by Bibi recently, so here comes the tag!

Favourite colour: Sky blue, green and pink 

Favourite animal: I like a lot of animals and it’s difficult to chose a favourite one, but if I have to, I’ll go for a cat because my cat gives me so much love!

Favourite number: I always chose random numbers haha.

Which parfum do you wear often: I switch off between ‘Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent’, ‘Love by Nina Richi’ and ‘ Miss Dior Chérie by Dior’

What do you always wear: I always wear a watch and I try to always wear earrings, but sometimes I forget.

What is your passion: photography for sure!

To get or to give gifts: Give because I always try to find something special that is like made for that person.

Which eye shadow did you use last: I don’t wear eye shadow.

Favourite day of the week: Friday, is an explanation needed?

Are you wearing nail polish at the moment: yes, I’m wearing a pink colour, catrice meet me at coral island

I give this tag to Marijke :)

And sorry for being so absent lately, but I can’t find my Nikon loader! Such a pity :(




3 gedachten over “Tag: Sunshine Award

  1. Hihi, ik lees het net dat je de tag aan mij geeft. Leuk! Ik ga proberen het morgen nog op mijn blog te zetten want ik vertrek maandag op chirokamp dus ik heb het nogal druk op dit moment. Wel heel leuk, zo leer je de blogger achter de blog toch wat beter kennen :).

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