Prevailing winds

Flickr is one of my daily visits on the world wide web.
I used to be very active on Flickr, but now I’m working on that!
I thought that it would be nice if I showed you some favourites of my favourites on Flickr.
Click on the photo for the source.

prevailing winds by callmebutterflys on Flickr.

untitled by Cherіsse on Flickr.

I wish you would come looking for me by Ourlastgoodbye on Flickr.

untitled by Tamara Lichtenstein on Flickr.

III by Cherіsse on Flickr.

The Moulton Midi :D by still got legs on Flickr.

Living/Breathing by instantflowers on Flickr.

The moon at Linden by Siem Lasseel on Flickr.

when you drown your body gets all warm by mum, i am gay! on Flickr.

untitled by instantflowers on Flickr.

untitled by themorningbreeze on Flickr.

untitled by theviewfromtheafternoon on Flickr.

WHATSSUP?! by flyingwithrocks on Flickr.

I hope you guys liked this post.
This post was scheduled btw, because I’m on summer camp with the scouts.
It’s 10 days so be prepared for some more scheduled posts :)




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