Guys with style

Oh yes, I love guys who have their own style!
But here in Belgium, you rarely see some male style gurus unfortunately.

But lookbook has lots of guys with an awesome style, here you’ve got some eye candy.
Zara Grey, Zara Grey, Jerome Centeno Line White, Giorgio Armani Grey

O.M.F.G. Isn’t his bag like heaven? A quote to remember! I like his sunglasses too.
Topman Black Bennie, Self Knitted Jacket, Hm White Tank, Hm Black Espadrilles, Rayban Black Sunglasses

This look is really classy, but though really nice. Love the hat!
Polo Ralph Lauren, Cesare Paciotti 4us Silk Bag

Guys with bracelets? I say YES!

Casio Watch, Office Mocassins, Zara Man Shirt

Just love for his bag, watch and shoes.


Gotta love the nerd look!

Diesel Jogg Denim, Zara Striped, H&M Brown

Just wow..

I love boys who are in to fashion :)




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