It’s all about … Selah Sue!

Yes indeed, it has been a long long time since the last ‘it’s all about’, but it’s time for a new one!

Selah Sue

The 21 years old Sanne Putseys comes from Belgium.
She learned how to play the guitar when she was 15 and when she was 17, she performed for the first time.
Milow discovered her and he asked her if she wanted to perform in his show.
From that moment she was a real rising star!
She won prices like a MIA for the best female solo artist and Humo’s Pop Poll best Belgium singer 2010.

Selah Sue performed this year on Rock Werchter, but unfortunately I went Friday when she came Saturday.
But I found out something really nice: I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT!

Yes, that’s right, awesome isn’t it?

Enough text! Enjoy her voice and her amazing looks ..

If you have some requests for another ‘it’s all about’, let me know!


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