Finally I did it. After a long long time I finally decided to stop my blog on wordpress and go on on blogspot. Almost every fashion/lifestyle blogger uses blogger and I think that it's also easier to follow with google friend connect. I didn't change a lot, actually nothing about the name. So please go… Lees verder BRAND NEW BLOG


I AMsterdam

All pictures are taken by me or my mum, dad or brother (we used the same camera :)                      I'm the girl standing next to the 'a'Drinking a starbucks 'hazelnut hot chocolate' while waiting for the boat       wearing my new coat and jeans!   Amsterdam is absolutaly a beautiful city, but I have to go back to shop… Lees verder I AMsterdam



Hello my beloved readers! Just a quick post to let you guys know I'm back from summercamp (which was superawesome!). I have a lot of things to do for my blog: taking pictures, working out all my ideas, ... But I don't mind because I LOVE BLOGGING! I hope to see you guys soon :)… Lees verder Back!